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We have made a game that you can download for free!


What is the aim of the game?

To get to the next checkpoint before the timer runs out.


How do you play?

Just keep heading forwards and try to avoid cars or walls.


How do I progress to the next level?

Make sure you cross the checkpoint before the timer runs out, after the checkpoint movie, click continue and you will begin the next level.


How do I control the Bike?

Theres a joystick on the right hand side, hold your finger on it and move forwards to go forward and back to go back. These controls are inverted so moving left, aims the bike right and vice versa,  to change this, pause the game and tap “INVERT AXIS"


What happens if I hit something?

If you hit an car, you’ll have to start again from the same level.


How can I share out my progress?

at the end of a level there are two little icons for Twitter and Facebook, click on one of them and you’ll be taken to a sharing page, You may be prompted to log into Facebook and Twitter. after that just spent the app up again.


How do I turn the Music and/or Sound FX off?

Go to the “Settings” page and tap “Music” and/or “Sound FX” to OFF.


Where can I get the app?

Alleycats The Game will be available on the App Store or Google Play. Follow us on Twitter @alleycatsfilm for the latest.


For app support, please email alleycatsfilm@gmail.com